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Quartz Countertop Installation in Florida

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For years, Southern Stoneworks LLC has been crafting and supplying the best quartz countertops in Florida by combining unique and exquisite designs with top durability. Join Southern Stoneworks LLC on a journey of creativity and partnership and fulfill your unique dream with stunning countertops that brings them to life. 

We understand and know everything about quartz, and we pioneered quartz countertops. Raw quartz is common, and it is like sand but much harder than steel. The quality quartz countertops in Florida are man-made stores, and we have engineered the surface with around 90 percent quartz minerals so that you can enjoy the advantages that are unattainable in granite, marble, or other natural stones. 


Quality Quartz Countertops at The Best Prices

Quartz countertops in Florida not only look beautiful, but they are also resistant to destruction, making them perfect for bathroom countertops, bathroom basksplash, outdoor countertops, and of course your every day kitchen countertops. The element of your kitchen interior plays the role of decorative detail and also serves a practical purpose. Even though you can use a cutting board while cooking, during use, you can damage your countertop. So, it is crucial to choose a surface that is not only beautiful and stylish but also that it is durable and resistant to various chemical and mechanical damages. 

The primary advantage of quartz countertops is their strength. This is due to the presence of quartz sand and the natural store presence in the crumbs. Quality polyester resin is utilized to hold these components together. Due to this unique composition, quartz stone looks much stronger than other natural stones. It may be noted that the surface is highly resistant to scratches as well as chips. 

In fact, you can even cut your food without using a cutting board. Hot dishes can also be kept on the quartz countertop as they can withstand a higher temperature. People also prefer to use these countertops as they are very easy to clean. You can clean it in different ways. On the other hand, the countertop will be resistant to various negative effects of chemicals, dyes, etc.  

Quartz Countertops In Florida

Some Other Benefits to Consider

  • You don’t have to carry out any additional processing after the installation of our quartz countertops in Florida

  • All our countertops have non-porous stone surfaces. Besides, the surface is also resistant to the reproduction or appearance of microorganisms. 

  • They are designed to offer long service life. With proper care, you can make the countertop last for a lifetime. 

  • Prestigious and refined appearance.

Wide Color Palette

While natural marble and granite are gray with some shades, quartz stone, due to the feature of adding dyes, can be of different colors. 

High Strength

During the production process, quartz chips are utilized. These are combined with special polyester resins that, in turn, offer enhanced strength and hardness. 

The cost of our quartz countertops in Florida deserves special attention. Compared to other natural stones, like marble or granite, you will find quartz countertops much more affordable, and you don’t have to compromise with the quality and style with this. That’s why most builders and architects suggest their clients use these products. Contact us now for more detail and to get a free quote. 

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